510(k) Preparation and Submission Comprehensive Support

Welcome to Safetek’s 510(k) Support! We streamline the process for your medical device submissions in multiple countries, ensuring compliance and success.

Assessment and Documentation Review

Our experienced consultants conduct a thorough assessment of your medical device to determine its regulatory pathway. We review your technical documentation, including device specifications, design controls, and risk analysis, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the target markets. Our experts identify any gaps or areas that require further documentation to meet the regulatory standards, helping you prepare a robust 510(k) application.

Regulatory Strategy Development

Developing a sound regulatory strategy is crucial for a successful 510(k) submission. Our consultancy organization provides guidance in defining an effective strategy tailored to your specific device and target markets. We consider factors such as predicate device selection, regulatory requirements, and submission timelines to ensure a well-planned approach. Our experts assist you in aligning your strategy with the regulations of Brazil, Japan, USA, Australia, and Canada.

510(k) Application Preparation

Preparing a comprehensive 510(k) application requires meticulous attention to detail. Our team supports you in compiling all the necessary documentation, including device description, indications for use, performance testing data, labeling, and more. We ensure that your application meets the regulatory requirements of each target market, increasing the chances of a successful submission and faster market access.

Submission and Follow-up

Once your 510(k) application is prepared, we handle the submission process on your behalf. Our experts ensure that all required forms and supporting documents are accurately completed and submitted to the respective regulatory authorities. We actively monitor the progress of your application and provide follow-up support, addressing any additional information requests or regulatory inquiries promptly and effectively.

FDA Pre-Submission Assistance

For US-based submissions, we provide FDA pre-submission assistance to optimize the 510(k) process. Our consultants help you prepare for the FDA's Pre-Submission Program, offering valuable insights and recommendations to address potential issues before the official submission. We guide you through the pre-submission meeting with the FDA, assisting in gathering feedback and clarifying any regulatory concerns.

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